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College Volunteer Application

If you are a college student interested in volunteering for Ready Readers, please complete the online application or download an application to mail or fax. You will receive a confirmation email once you complete the online application.   If you do not receive the confirmation email, or experience any other problems with the application, please contact Diane Sinclair, Volunteer Program Director, 314-825-8751 or diane@readyreaders.org. Thank you!!

* = required field

We may provide your contact information to the preschool where you will be reading. We may also use this information to check your background and for internal purposes.

* indicates required field

If yes, would you be willing to drop off/pick up anyone reading at the same time nearby?

If no, can you get a ride to the school where you'll be going?

Is there anyone you want to team up with when you go to read? If so, everyone must have the same schedule availability. If you know that they do, please provide their names and emails:

Tell us all of the possible times that you are available Monday-Friday. The starting time should be the time you can be at the school. The ending time should be the time you must leave the school to get back to wherever you are coming from. For example, if you say "Monday from 9 to 11," that would mean you could be there by 9 and you would need to be gone by 11. Please give us as many days and time options as possible. In addition, please tell us where you will be traveling from to help us determine which of our available sites would be the best reading location for you.