Our volunteers all share a love of reading, a love of young children, and a commitment to reading to their assigned classes each week.
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Review Sessions

Have you been volunteering for Ready Readers for one year, five years, twelve years? 

Our volunteers read high-quality literature to preschool children from low-income communities for 30 minutes a week.  The same volunteer always reads to the same children; allowing the children to associate a special person with the fun of reading.  Six times during each school year and once in summer, readers also give the children personalized, new books to take home for further enjoyment.

Please click below to review the training packet that is provided to new volunteers.

Download a PDF of our current training materials

We talk a great deal at training about classroom management, but feel free to CLICK HERE to download a handout of tips and strategies.

Have you wondered how our Ready Readers are helping to develop the emergent literacy skills of the preschool children in our program? 

Click here to read Lisa Greening’s “Emergent Literacy Skills Top Ten List” presentation.

An additional great resource about early literacy skills is outlined at the Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy website.

Join the staff of Ready Readers on our Ready Readers Facebook Page to discuss your favorite books, techniques, and activities.

Together, Ready Readers will change the landscape of early childhood literacy in our lowest income communities in St. Louis.

Thank you for volunteering.