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Ready Readers distributed more than 60,000 books in the 2012-13 school year to pre-school age kids living in low-income communities.
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Us Meet Our Challenge Grant!

The Ready Readers Literacy Society was formed to recognize individuals who generously provide an annual leadership gift of $1,000 or more to advance our reading programs for the pre-school age children in low-income communities in the St. Louis area. This year, every dollar that you give will be matched by a generous combined challenge grant of $30,000!  Please click below to donate or contact Lisa Greening at 314-564-8070 or

Impact of Your Gift

  1. New, high-quality books for each child, at least six times per year.
  2. Support for our weekly, award-winning read-aloud program for young children.
  3. Professional development workshops and resources for teachers in underserved areas.

Honorary Chairs

Isaac Bruce, Maxine Clark, David Diener, Robert Fox, Susan Goldberg, Susan Nall, Pat Simons, Daniel Watt

Leadership Task Force

Linda Finerty, Lisa Greening, Helen O’Connor, Mary Riew, Lana Wright

 Click here to donate.

  • $5,000 supports the Ready Readers program for 80 children a year
  • $2,500 supports the Ready Readers program for 40 children a year.
  • $1,000 supports the Ready Readers program for 15 children a year.

Literacy Society Members  (Jan. 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015)

Joey and Alison Bedell
Jim and Martha Bogart
Isaac Bruce
Mark and Pat Burkhardt
Maxine Clark & Bob Fox
Patti Cox and Graham Colditz
David Diener
Ryan Easley
Linda and Steven Finerty
Walter and Nancy Galvin
Bettie Gershman
Debbie and Larry Glynn
Evelyn Goldberg
Susan and Paul Goldberg
Donna and David Henderson
Rick and Lynn Hill
Brian and Kris Hogan
Sandy Jaffe
Nancy Kalishman
Larry and Beth Lenke
Susan Nall
Andy and Peggy Newman
Helen and Jamie O’Connor
Julie and Eric Ralph
Marilyn and Gary Ratkin
Mary and Dan Riew
Lisa Ring and Gregory Storch
Steve and Katie Schankman
Brad and Hristina Schlaggar
Sally and Perry Schoenecker
Vicki Sheehan and Jerry Piontek
Shirley Sher
Milton Simons
Pat and Paul Simons
Nancy Siteman
Suzanne Siteman
Julie B. and Tim Stern
Joe and Mary Stieven
Leslie Stupp
Patricia Taylor
Daniel Watt
Lana and Rick Wright
M. Lynn and Darrell Yearwood