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Studies show that the single most important thing that you can do to encourage a child to become a reader is READ TO THEM!

Has your child been bringing home gift books from Ready Readers?  If so, CLICK HERE to get ideas on reading the 2012-2013 books aloud with your children.

CLICK HERE for ideas that go with the 2013-2014 books.

For tips on reading at home, CLICK HERE.

For adorable, easy-to-make homemade books, CLICK HERE!

There are tons of things to read, not just books! CLICK HERE to access an article entitled “Materials for Reading, A to Z”

“Simple Yet Powerful Things to do While Reading” is a fabulous resource on how to bring as much to “storytime” as you can.

Get Ready to Read is a FANTASTIC website full of activities, suggestions, and even a toolkit for getting your child ready for kindergarten.  CLICK HERE to check it out!